Pray for Our Missionaries

Below is a list of the missionaries that CPCLM is supporting financially and in prayer.

Would you join us in praying for them?

  • K Family: Asia

    This missionary family has been living under anonymity in Asia for 20 years. The missionary attended Fuller theological seminary and he’s currently working on his Doctorate degree in Practical Theology in Adolescents, Family, and Culture. Their main focus is to help local Christians to spread the Gospel among the youth. With their God-given vision, they work with church leaders to reach teens and children to follow Jesus Christ. During winter and summer seasons, many groups from other countries come to help them with by forming alliances with local churches to help run their youth camps. The main purpose of these camps is to get a first-hand experience in order to reach out to the local youth. They also meet weekly with a local youth group.

  • Rev. Bob and Kristi Rice: Republic of Congo

    Bob and Kristi began in January 2010 as mission workers of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they served with the Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC) as consultants and colleagues with an active involvement in visioning and implementing new initiatives in Christian education and evangelism, and assisting in the areas of reconciliation, care for vulnerable children, and helping community development initiatives seeking to lift up the poor. 

    Bob brings a passion for equipping, empowering and mentoring leaders, for building up the church and for contextualizing the good news of the Gospel to local culture. Kristi’s gifting and passion lies with developing the economic and social capacity of the poor, training them in areas of community development and microloan and savings projects. The Rices write, “There is so much potential for the impact and reach of the gospel as Christians in South Sudan are coming together and identifying the body of Christ as their primary loyalty over tribe and ethnicity.” They are thrilled to be part of the church community in South Sudan.

  • Jean Lee and Family: Nicaragua

    The Lee family has been living in Nicaragua for almost 4 years. Jean Lee was born and raised in the United States. In 2013, she left for Korea to get her training as missionary and went to live in Costa Rica for a year to learn the language. After she learned Spanish, she moved to Nicaragua where she’s been working as a missionary teacher in a mission school where her daughter attends. Her husband, Peter, teaches Bible at a public school. The Lee family is excited to be where God has called them and is hoping to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ in Nicaragua.